ESOP Guardian


Separate Interface for Stakeholders
  • Separate interface for Administrator, Employees, Trustees who are the stakeholders in ESOPs life cycle.
  • Removal of duplicity of work for proper co-ordination and smooth functioning of ESOP Scheme.
Single Platform - Multiple Schemes
  • Manages multiple ESOP schemes and “N” number of employees in the Company, its Holding, Subsidiary, Associate and Group Companies spread across multiple locations through a single system.
  • Quick Processing of bulk data comprising grants, vesting and exercise under the ESOP Schemes.
  • Facilitate to go paperless and removes manual hardships.
Complex Calculations Automized
  • Automatic calculations w.r.t. vesting and exercise of Options, tax payment, balance pool available under the scheme, number of options that can be exercised in future, buyback of options etc.
  • Computerized revisions under the scheme w.r.t. any corporate actions in the Company such as Bonus, Split and Consolidation etc.
  • Doing away with all calculations done manually in large excel sheets and bring transparency in a unified view for stakeholders.
Regulatory Compliant
  • The system has been developed, incorporating all legal provisions as required under SEBI (Share Based Employee Benefits and Sweat Equity) Regulations, 2021, SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirement)Regulations, 2015 and in general Companies Act, 2013, along with applicable provisions of Taxation.
  • One cannot Grant and Exercise the options under the scheme in this application, which is not permissible as per law.
  • ESOPs can be administered and managed either directly by the company or with the help of the Employee Welfare Trustestablished for the said purpose. This software can be comfortably operative in both routes i.e.

i) Trust Route and

ii) Direct Route.

Automation of ESOP Life Cycle
  • Multi-functional dashboard to manage and convert options/units.
  • The complete automation of life cycle of options starting from grant of options till allotment of sharesand/or till the termination of the Scheme can be managed under this system with ease.
  • Separate tabs for Grant of options, vesting of Options, Exercise of Options and Allotment of shares among various other options.
Generate Multiple MIS Reports
  • Multiple Statutory reports& ESOP reports can be generated using multiple search options which can be downloaded in excel and pdf format.
  • This system provides up-to-date information on schemes, employees, options granted / vested / exercised and, payments on a click of button.
  • Supports in analyzing the data and decision makingwith help of multiplecustomized and standardized reports.
Auto Alerts & Reminders
  • System generated automatic alerts & reminders to Admin / Accounts / Employees on various events like grant and vesting of options, time period for exercising options, allotment or transfer of shares, approving payments, etc.
Customizable& Flexible
  • Ready to customize the application in terms of process flows and reporting formats as per the need of the user.
  • Facilitate incorporation of additional requirements on case-to-case basis.
Data Security
  • System developed on latest technology with best-in-class security features.
  • The system can be installed at the Company server, for ensuring full security.
  • All data is secured, protected and encrypted in AES (Advanced Encryption Standard).
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) cleared.
Anywhere All-time Access
  • Application is accessible 24 × 7,from anywhere in the world.
  • Accessible from inside or outside the premises of the office.
  • Appropriate restrictions on its accessibility can be placed.
Advance Features of


Real time tax calculations
  • Real time tax calculations on the basis of Current Taxable Salary of the Employees.
Human Resource Management System (HRMS)
  • Employee Information can be integrated with the present HRMS of the Company comprising of details pertaining to Date of Joining, PAN, Address Tax slabs, E mail Id etc, which would result in real time updating of data in two Applications.
Payment Gateway Integration
  • Payment gateways are integrated for ensuring the payment of Exercise amount and Tax amount at one place.
Multi-factor Authentication
  • Multi factor authentication enabled.
  • Login through User Id along with password or OTP on email/phone number
  • SSO (Single sign-on) on the basis of feasibility.
Cap Table Analysis
  • Set-up cap table and management with ease.
  • Track changes in the shareholding.
  • Ensure accuracy through Automatic Calculations.
Accounting Module
  • Calculation of Cost of each Grant and distribution of same over vesting period.
  • ESOP Cost to be booked in an Accounting period.
Benefits of


Document Automation

Extracting of information for various legal requirements of disclosures and reporting’s under ESOP Guidelines, e.g. compulsory disclosure in the Directors report, quarterly results of the Listed Companies etc. on a click of button


Ensures accuracy, in-built checks and controls help to avoid any manipulations and bring transparency in management.

Client Centric

Having experience of more than one and half decades in serving clients from different industry like manufacturing, service, pharmaceuticals, entertainment, food tech, IT, Edu tech, NBFCs, Banking, Financial and Broking Services, Hospitality, etc.

Easy access to the user

Separate interface for each person (from different divisions such as HR, Accounts, Secretarial, Trustees of the Employee Welfare Trust and Employee himself) involved in the ESOP administration and management.

Exchange of Information on a Click

Acts as a knowledge management tool by capturing, developing, and sharing organization knowledge and external information on a click.

Integration of Information

Helps in integrating the technical and functional information for preparation of management reports.

Real Time Calculation

Complex calculations like options adjustment, exercise & taxation at the instant request of an employee can be done easily.


Documents originating from employees like incoming mails, documents, records, etc. can be searched over different reporting period.

Single source of ESOP Database

Dealing and Processing of huge databank of employees can be done easily.

Cap Table Analysis

Set up the cap table and track the changes and showcase the real time shareholding.