ESOP Buddy

One Stop Solution of ESOP for Small & Early-Stage Companies

(Documentation – Administration – Implementation – Digitization)

We are a part of Corporate Professionals family. While equity compensation in itself is a most talked area, we at ESOP Buddy, aim to provide specialized ESOP solutions for small& Early-Stage Companies who have implemented or wanting to implement an ESOP plan for their employees.

We at ESOP Buddy, with our dedicated Consulting team along with specialized administration platform and with focus on employee help desk, are completely working on the needs and expectations of small and early-stage unlisted companies. We are a one stop destination for all you need to know and the expert help that you expect.

Our experience of over one decade in this domain shows us that unlisted organizations have peculiar issues with respect to their objectives, regulations, liquidity/sale (rather lack of it) for their shares, frequency of Grants and so on. Companies in this segment need a focused attention and customized offering for the life cycle of an ESOP.

We provide innovative and unique with one-to-one solutions for Equity Based Compensation Plans, while targeting the needs of Small & Early-Stage Companies.



ESOP Buddy is a designed out as one-stop solution of ESOP for Small & Early-Stage Companies. We believe that equity-based compensation plan for businesses in this stage needs to be custom- built as compared to large and matured businesses.

Small & Early-Stage Companies need a focused attention on:

  • Design in ESOP Plan
  • hand to hand support while implementing these Plans
  • digitalization of their ESOP Plan through the customized standard software.

ESOP Buddy is One Stop Solution to address these unique needs.

ESOP Buddy is a unique service offering targeted towards Small & Early-Stage Companies. Our experience shows that companies at this stage need a single window service to handle all aspects related to Plan Design, Employee Communication, Plan Management, Trust Management, Liquidity Event Management, Tax Compliance, Option Valuation and Accounting Share Valuation.

ESOP Buddy is a single window solution to address all these expectations.

Bundle of

Solution are

  • Designing of standard ESOP Scheme
  • General ESOP Advisory
  • Advisory on ESOP Buy Backs
  • Startup ESOP Valuation based upon some standard process.
  • ESOP Management under SAAS Model
  • Online CAP Table Management
  • Liquidity Event Management for sale of Unlisted ESOP Shares.
  • ESOP To Consultant and Advisor
  • Sweat Equity to Founders and KMPs