Ms. Mohini Varshenya
February 28, 2024
“Appraisal Process Viz-a Viz ESOP- A Webinar on optimizing employee engagement.”

Annual appraisal serves the dual purpose of motivating employees through recognition of their performance and communicating the associated reward for the upcoming financial year. This process also involved establishing parameters to guide performance expectation for the year. The Purpose of this webinar was to highlight the alignment of ESOP Grants with the Appraisal Process and...

Ms. Mohini Varshenya
November 27, 2023

Employee Stock options have emerged as a significant element in shaping employee compensation packages. ESOP provide employees the opportunity to participate in the company’s success and align their interests with the Organisation goals. Thus, it’s crucial to explore how Employee Stock Options (ESOPs) has replaced the traditional compensation structures. ESOPs and other equity-based instruments constitute...

Ms. Mohini Varshenya
October 20, 2023
Attracting Employee’s to Embrace Equity Incentive Tools

In the current competitive landscape, retaining top talent has become a challenge for companies. The shift towards an employee-centric culture, aligning corporate goals with employee objectives, has become increasingly evident. Traditional methods of incentivizing employees have waned in significance over time, prompting both employees and organizations to explore more contemporary and diversified approaches to rewards...

Analysis of ESOPs in Listed Company

A webinar on the “Analysis of ESOPs in Listed Company”, was delivered mainly focusing on implementation and challenges faced by the listed companies at the time of giving ESOP’s. The purpose of this webinar was to analyze the different sets of factors for implementing Employee Stock Ownership Plan, in the listed companies. Industry experts from...