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Esop Guardian

key features

ESOP Guardian is a web based comprehensive system for managing ESOP of any Company, designed by experienced and professional team of Corporate Professionals


ESOP Guardian is a web based comprehensive system for managing ESOP of any Company, designed by experienced and professional team of Corporate Professionals after collating all their practical experience related to managing ESOP in india across all sectors.

The system manages the complete lifecycle of ESOP plans in any organization post its implementation keeping in view the regulatory framework under which ESOP functions. The product has been designed to cater the needs of the Management of any Company - be it Private / Public listed / unlisted, as it builds systems, automates process, save cost & time and brings transparency. As the name suggests, it is a Guardian of the Company’s ESOP Scheme(s) and Employees availing the same.

Separate Interface

»  For the administration and management of the ESOP Scheme, various department(s) are involved viz., HR personnel, Accounts personnel, Secretarial personnel, Trustees of the Employee Welfare Trust and the Employee himself, with different roles and duties..

»  The system has separate interface for each persons involved in the ESOP Scheme.

»  Each user is fulfilling his roles and no duplicity of work is there.

»  It also helps in the proper co-ordination and smooth functioning of the ESOP Scheme in a company.


Manage Multiple Scheme / Employees

»  A company can manage with ease, multiple numbers of and of different types of the ESOP Schemes at any point of time as every scheme is designed separately.

»  This system smoothly and without any flaw can manage the function and activity of, ‘n’ number of the Employees of the company including the employees of its Holding & Subsidiary company.

»  With the help of this system, the management can process any number of data comprising of grants and exercises by the various employees of the company.


Complex Calculations

»  In the Graded vesting and Performance vesting under ESOPs , various numerous complex calculations are involved.

»  Doing these manually in the large excel sheet in itself is a complex job.

»  Before exercising the options, an Employee has to calculate the number of options that are exercisable by them including the Tax payment and the balance left for the future exercise.

»  In the event of the corporate action, ESOPs need revised calculation etc.

»  All such calculations have been automated under the system.


Regulatory Compliant

»  This application is designed which takes care of all the ESOP rules & provisions provided in the SEBI (ESOS and ESPS) Guidelines, 1999, Listing Agreement signed between the Companies and the Stock Exchanges and in general Companies Act, 1956.

»  One cannot Grant and Exercise the options under the scheme in this application, which is not permissible as per law.

»  ESOPs can be administered and managed either directly by the company or with the help of the Employee Welfare Trust. This application can be comfortably operative in both routes i) Trust Route and ii) Non - Trust Route.


Complete Process Cycle

»  The life of the ESOP starts from the Grant of option by the Company to its Employee which vests with the Employee as per the scheme.

»  After vesting, the Employee will exercise their options and in return the Company will issue the shares to the Employees of the company.

»  This complete process of Grant / Vesting / Exercise of options / and Allotment or Transfer of shares can be managed in this system with ease.


Multiple MIS Reports

»  Multiple grants to multiple employees in different ESOP schemes cause huge data base.

»  To take various decisions, the company requires various reports at various point of time.

»  This system provides up to date information on schemes, employees, options granted / vested / exercised and, payments on a click of button.

»  Multiple reports can be generated using multiple search options and can be downloaded in excel and pdf format.

»  Relief from maintaining the large excel sheet.


Auto Alerts & reminders

»  Issuing ESOP in a company is a continuous Process.

»  Difficult for company/employees to remember different dates of Grant / Vesting etc of each employee.

»  System sends auto alerts & reminders to Admin / Accounts / Employees on various events like grant and vesting \of options, time period for exercising options, allotment or transfer of shares, approving payments etc.


Creates Transparency

»  Separate interface has been given to all the personnel involved in the administration and execution of the ESOP.

»  The system has inbuilt automated check on the each step and action by the user.

»  These built in checks and controls helps to avoid any manipulations and bring transparency in management.


Flexible & customizable

»  We are flexible to customize the application in terms of process flows and reporting formats as per the need of the user.

»  It can also incorporate additional value adds as per the requirements.

»  Our motto is to make the same user friendly and to meet the specific requirements of the company’s.


Anywhere Access

»  This application is accessible 24 × 7 and anywhere in the world.

»  To operate this system, there is no need to be present in the office only.

»  Developed on web platform, it can be accessed outside the office limits as per your desire.

»  However appropriate restrictions can be placed to its accessibility.


Data Security

»  This system has been developed on latest technology with best in class security features.

»  To secure further, the system can be installed at the Company server


Outsourcing Free

»  With ESOP Guardian you need not to rely on any third party.

»  All the ESOPs in the company are manageable and can be controlled on click of button, with separate interface to each user.


Document Automation

»  There are legal requirements of various disclosures and reporting’s under ESOP Guidelines ,e.g compulsory disclosure in the Annual Directors Report, quarterly results of the Listed companies etc.

»  The management has to devote sufficient time for gathering the information and then to prepare report there from.

»  Through this system all these documents can be generated just on a click of button.