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Esop Guardian


Answer to your common questions


Whether I can have the ESOP Guardian at my company server?

Yes. We offer two kind of service models 1). Outsourcing and 2) Guardianship. Under Guardianship, we install the application at company’s server.

What I have to pay if I opt for the Services “Guardianship’.

The company has to pay a one-time License Fees.

My Employee sitting outside India can login into their ESOP Account any time?

The Employees can login to their account from anywhere in the world and any time.

What kind of reports I can generate from the ESOP Guardian?

You can generate multiple reports like Grant Report, Exercise Report, Payment Reports, options status report etc.

Will the management of the ESOP through ESOP Guardian reduce my work load?

Traditionally managing ESOP physically is subject to the below given issues :

» Huge paper work in managing multiple schemes/ maintaining excel sheet for options granted, accepted and exercised by the employees
» Maintaining data of large number of employees in various companies situated at multiple locations across India and abroad
» Making complex calculations for options vested and to be exercised by employees / re-calculations due to corporate action or performance appraisals
» Coordinating with the finance department for ESOP payments
» Preparing various MIS reports

ESOP Guardian provides you with an effective solution to the aforesaid problems along with various other value added features

If I am using the ESOP Guardian, then do I have to simultaneously maintain the data in the Excel format?

No, using ESOP Guardian will done away with the maintaining data in the Excel sheet.

If I opt for the ‘Outsourcing’ service then how my Employees can view their details?

Each employee will be provided with a separate login id and password. They can access the system using the same.

Whether my existing data will be migrated into the ESOP Guardian, if I opt to use it?

Yes, at the time of installing the application, the existing data will be migrated into the application

Is there any limit on the number of schemes or employee that can be managed at the ESOP Guardian?

There is no limit on the number of schemes and employees that can be managed through ESOP Guardian.

Will I get any trial period to know about the Application?

In case you are interested in taking a trail of the application, please fill the enquiry form at the Contact us page and our sales team will get in touch with you.